Horror on the Orient Express - Total Recap!

Boris on the dreamlands

A psychoanalasys Dr. Freud would be proud of

Come in, come in. Have a seat! Can I offer you some Vodka? No? Shame, spirits relaxes the mind and opens up its defenses for new ideas beyond the conventional horizon. While that is usually how charlatans and priests ply their trade, spirits should be applied with concideration to the company. But I am neither a priest nor a charlatan, I am Boris Vasiljev, court alienist to his imperial majesty Nikolaj the second of Mother Russia. I was trained by Dr Freud himself in Vienna and have held tenure att several of Europes most prestigous universities! And as for the spirits, I did not recommend it for the great number of benefits to your health and constitution, but because the things I will tell you in the hour or so to come is well beyond the pale when it comes to our understanding of the world.

The dreamlands my friends, a fantastic world where technology does not excist in any meaningfull sense of the word. Cameras, cars, electric lanterns and other marvels of technology cannto exist. Races of talking, sentient cats, marverlous wines and trains upon the backs of tentacled monstrosities can however. A place where you can will things into existance with training. But that is a tale for another time, what I wish to disseminate to you are the psycological implications of such a place.

In his masterfull piece “die Traumedeutung” or the “interpitation of dreams” Dr Freud wrote that dreams are the “royal road to the unconscious”. When we sleep and dream many of our egos defenses are down which allows some of our repressed thoughts and emotions to surface. While this is invaluable to our understanding of the self it is at the same time difficult and should be interpitated with care. The dream is manifested in two layers: The manifest content which is the wish fullfilment of our conscious mind and the symbolic meaning which is the message from our unconscious mind.

Now, how is this relevant you might ask? Well, because when you will something to exist in the dreamlands the result is the sum of your will, and the will is constituted by the conscious as well as the unconscious and the id. This means that what you get is bot always what you consciously wanted but what you unconsciously wanted. Case in point, my dear friend Edward Natt och Dag got a pink balle tutu instead of a parade uniform. While I am certain that he does not desire to escape to Molin Rouge and dress up as a man whom dresses up as a woman whom dresses up as a man, the rigors of a disciplined military life will create a repressed desire for the opposite as the mind seeks balance between it’s components. In short, we could end up getting what our unconscious needs instead of what our conscious wants. And this is nothing to be dismissed. If the dissonance is great enought the result could very well be something lethal. Repression does not follow the dictates of the rational mind, it is simply a primal function, a reaction to our way of life. A body and mind worked too hard for too long could very well unconsciously wish for a comatoes state as a counter-reaction to the extreme of the conscious strive towards even more exertion. Repression is dangerous and potent.

One should always be careful when whishing for things as they might just come true.


Master class post, written by Lloyd who plays Boris Vasilji and Edvard Night and Day.

The Dreamlands Express has proven a great scenario both in the challenge and intrigue, not to mention the sheer size of it. It might become the longest scenario thus far in the campaign.

We look forward to the next session on Tuesday 2/5 and might actually have a bonus session tomorrow if Cthulhu allows us…


Boris on the dreamlands

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