Horror on the Orient Express - Total Recap!

Cultists among us...

The secret room

I shall inform you that one of my players has gone over to the dark side. He has built a secret antechamber where he worships his foul Gods and read secret tomes since long forgotten. Written in blood, bound by human flesh and bone.

I cannot reveal the payers name but I see him outside my home at nights after midnight has struck. He waits there for me. For the next session. However, I managed to take a picture with my hidden camera and share it here now with you. I f something happens to me please use the picture to track his whereabouts.




Moahhaaahhaaa! Moahahahaa!

Cultists among us...

Hm, I see you are trying to hide a non-Mythos book under the Investigator’s Companion! And where is the rules book? ;-)

Cultists among us...

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