Horror on the Orient Express - Total Recap!

Madame Bruja

Scenario 5, The Dreamlands Express - session 7

Active Investigators: Colonel Johan Williams, Lord Fyrom Squibb, Professor Walter Scott, Ian Flannigan.

The investigators hade finally made Madame Bruja open up her heart. Their brave stance against that spell-casting burnt corps who probably was The Sorcerer had made them bond. He was a powerful being and Boris Vasilji was impressive (and perhaps lucky) to withstand two mental spell-casting attacks in swift sequence. The Russian bear was not only physically stout but also had immense mental strength from the Siberian tundra.

The investigators were now deep in conversation with Madame Bruja in her compartment. Just prior to this she had been alone with Colonel Williams and accounted for her sad history.


She confirmed that she was the Crone and that the Sorcerer would never give up until he had laid his hands on the heart. Lord Squibb specifically asked Madame Bruja if she, or the Sorcerer, had any knowledge about the Sedafkar Simulacrum. She did not know and as far as the Sorcerer went she could neither verify nor deny, but he was a sorcerer of great potency and there was certainly a possibility. Colonel Williams asked her what her mission was? Madame Bruja replied without hesitation that she would travel all the way to the Gulf of Nodens and throw away the heart and therefor forever denying the sorcerer the precious heart. That would mean eternal victory over him.


Above: Mirror image of the Sorcerer

The investigators parleyed how to handle this. The Sorcerer was without hesitation a very evil and powerful being. He had to be stopped! The players rolled ferociously for Occult, Cthulhu Mythos, and Dream Lore. They got poor results and no breaking news really. Their Cthulhu Mythos expert Hermann Müller was greatly missed back in the Wakening world. After the players had parleyed they decided to have 4 investigators stay on the Dreamlands Express the whole way to the Gulf of Nodens and escort Madame Bruja. They were well aware of the fact that these four investigators would never be able to return to the Dreamlands Express after that. Hence they would prioritize investigators like Edvard Night and Day who had curable phobias and insanity, and would reap benefits from the great sacrifice.

To be continued…


We could only play a short session about 90 minutes this time around, but the players made an important decision. They would send four investigators all the way with Madame Bruja as escorts to the Gulf of Noden. Quite a sacrifice as these gentlemen never again will visit the Dreamlands Express.

I regretfully inform you that May is looking rather sour for our Horror on the Orient Express campaign. Due to intense travel we will focus on our Symbaroum campaign. We use Google Hangouts and can only practically manage one campaign. But we are back again on the 14th of June so please come back then. I will also post NPCs and other comments in the mean time so keep checking in here.

And remember to lock your doors at night…


Madame Bruja

With 7 full sessions already completed The Dreamlands Express is highly likely to beat The Blood Red Fez at 8 sessions. There are several stops left on the line and the investigators must tend to the peace agreement between the Beings of Ib and the Saarnathians, as well as defeating the Sorcerer, and escorting Madame Bruja to the final destination at the Gulf of Nodens.

Before playing this scenario I did not think it would overtake The Blood red Fez as longest scenario.

Madame Bruja

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