Horror on the Orient Express - Total Recap!

Zsusza and the Sarnathians

Scenario 5, The Dreamlands Express - session 3

Due to extensive travel among the group we played this session using Google Hangouts. It worked quite well and we will continue playing online next Tuesday 4/4 as well. We actually play four Call of Cthulhu sessions in five weeks which is a new record. The session today was shorter than usual, only two hours. About half the normal sessions. Next Tuesday we will play a full length 4-5 hour session again.


Above: The Carriages of the Dreamland Express. The investigators are residing in Sleeping Car #1 (Carriage nr 5) together with Madame Bruja, Miss Zsusza and the pale thin man (name unknown). The Sarnathians, Karakov, and MacKenzie are residing in Sleeping Car #2 (Carriage nr 6).

As the monster-train started to leave Dylath-Leen the investigators peeked out the window and saw a figure running after it. “Hey, wait for me!”. It was a young woman in a black cloak and sporty wear underneath. She ran like the wind but the train was too fast and she struggled to make it. Professor Scott wanting to help her tried using the “Dreaming” skill to make the tentacles help her. He failed the roll. The young woman ran all along the station but failed to catch the train. As a last resort she jumped for it but missed…. As she dived towards the ground, one of the long tentacles simply caught her in motion and put her on board the train with grace.


Above: Zsusza enters the train.

The investigators rushed to the last carriage (nr 10, the cats’ compartment) to see how she fared. She was already talking to the conductor Henry who was still wearing his odd mask. The young woman was introduced as Zsusza and she kissed the investigators for trying to help her. Henry had explained Professor Scott’s trial with Dreaming. How did he know…?

Blackjack, the little kitten, stuck his nose inside the cats’ carriage and seemed to want company. Professor Scott picked him up and the two friends were back together. A student by the name of Alexander Briarwood (new investigator played by Jesper, see “Characters” here at Obsidian) entered also and fascinated by the investigators he decided to join them. He was a student, an intern, with specialization in forensics (89%) and chemistry. The brawling and fighting? No, he preferred to avoid those elements (Dodge 89 %).

It was now past 2 am and Ian Flannery decided to call it quits. The others remained up and went to the Men’s Saloon for a drink. After a while the elegant group of six people that boarded in Dylath-Leen with some locomotion came in singing and partying. They poured drinks and danced spontaneously. Professor Scott and Alexander tried to converse them and they responded politely, yet with a distance. They told the investigators they were Sarnathians and they had an errand to attend to, hence taking the Dreamlands Express. Both Alexander and Professor Scott tried to dig deeper (rolled for Spot Hidden, Listen, Psychology – all failed!) but did not succeed to penetrate the Sarnathians polite facade.

The clock was getting closer to 4 am and the remaining two investigators decided to end the night. As a last thing Alexander drew a sketch of the woman he had been talking to mostly, a certain Besweet. There was something about this group of people. They were so handsome, intelligent, highly civilized yet arrogant and cool. They looked like people but where did they come from?

Alexander kept wondering where he was as his eyes closed and he was swept away in the night of the Dreamlands…

To be continued…


We have agreed to an extra session tomorrow evening, Thursday, at 20.00 CET. I am overjoyed with the pace we are setting now with 5 sessions in 5 weeks.

I will update the Adventure Log tomorrow late night.

Lock your doors. Beware of your dreams…

Zsusza and the Sarnathians

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