• Aileen MacGregor

    Aileen MacGregor

    Energetic and fiery, but kind and sympathetic. Red hair and blue eyes.
  • Baron von Hofler

    Baron von Hofler

    Pompous, stubborn and loud, yet intelligent and sympathetic
  • Bentley Burnham

    Bentley Burnham

    Agent hireling of cult leader Menkaph
  • Conducteur Henri Peeters

    Conducteur Henri Peeters

    Dark haired Belgian conducteur with utmost service
  • Doctor Leroux

    Doctor Leroux

    Cold and clinic. Not revealing anything about himself. Cautious.
  • Egorov


    Servant and bodyguard to Count Razumosky
  • Elizabeth "Ellie" Myers

    Elizabeth "Ellie" Myers

    Mrs Myers, 19 year young beautiful English newlywed
  • Henry Stanley

    Henry Stanley

    Train collector that mysteriously disappeared
  • Hieronymous Menkaph

    Hieronymous Menkaph

    Top gun of the turkish sekt of the blood red fez
  • Ilsa von Hofler

    Ilsa von Hofler

    Baron von Hofler's daughter determined to treat her father.
  • James Beddows

    James Beddows

    Trusted manservant of Professor Smith for over a decade.
  • Kapok


    Tall and silent. Awaiting orders from his master Menkaph.
  • Karakov


    Russian arms dealer dressed in expensive fur
  • MacKenzie


    British courier wanting to be poet. Warm and welcoming.
  • Madame Bruja

    Madame Bruja

    Wearing 16 to 18th century dressing and white pale face
  • Mironim-Mer


    A pale and lean man seemingly friendly with Henry
  • Nisra the Daughter of Fate

    Nisra the Daughter of Fate

    Leader of the Children of the Blood Red Fez
  • Professor Demir

    Professor Demir

    6 feet tall jovial but hampered by stomach wound
  • Professor Demir

    Professor Demir

    6 feet tall jovial but hampered by stomach wound
  • Professor Julius Smith

    Professor Julius Smith

    British academic specialised in the occult and hauntings. Long time friend of Lord Fyrom Squibb.
  • Randolph Alexis

    Randolph Alexis

    Notorious occultist that is missing since 1897 train crash London to Liverpool.
  • Remi Vangeim

    Remi Vangeim

    Proud Sorbonne student with connections to socialists movement
  • The Frenchman

    The Frenchman

    Black slick hair, good looking in white jacket, cold manors
  • Zsusza


    Dynamic and theatrical. A lady of the fine arts.