Aileen MacGregor

Energetic and fiery, but kind and sympathetic. Red hair and blue eyes.


An intense but pleasant woman from the Scottish lowlands. Her sharp blue eyes matches the light red hair very well. Energetic and kind, curious on the investigators and their background. She is spontaneous, yet well aware of herself and her surroundings. She gives the impression of being highly intelligent and a formidable journalist. Sweet and caring, tending to the very unfortunate Mrs Myers during the 1893 Orient Express journey.


Aileen is a Christian suffragette and reporter for the Woman’s Herald. She is currently working on a story of the Armenian situation within the Ottoman Empire and hope to find answers in Constantinople. She also hopes to travel further East into Armenia. The investigators first met Aileen in London as she embarked on the train and ended up in the same car as them. They shared some whisky on the way and exchanged stories of themselves. The investigators consider Aileen a friendly NPC.

Aileen MacGregor

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