Baron von Hofler

Pompous, stubborn and loud, yet intelligent and sympathetic


Baron von Hofler is pale and gaunt. His clothes are of the finest quality, but his grooming is just slightly awry. He seems intelligent and extremely aloof. He carries a fine walking stick that conceals a long steel blade. The handle is ornament in some kind of bone.


Baron von Hofler lives in Vienna and is a long-time friend and ally of Professor Smith. He is a famous person and researches the occult trying to defeat evil in the world. The Baron finances expeditions that need to be taken care of, including the trip to Constantinople to destroy the blood red fez in 1893. The Baron lives in Vienna and will board the Orient Express there and join the investigators to Constantinople.

As the investigators befriended the Baron they soon noticed something was wrong. In the middle of the night he advanced to their compartment and demanded to get the Whispering Fez tome. The investigators denied his charge, but as Colonel Williams escorted him back to his own compartment, Col Williams disappeared. Later he was found inside the Barons compartment as in trance, firing with his revolver at his old friends almost hitting Frank Patterson. The Baron was standing behind him with a blade pointed at his neck. “Hand me the Whispering Fez or your friend will die!”. The Baron had lost it and gone mad in his hunt of the blood red fezes.

Frank Patterson managed to shoot the Baron, hence saving Colonel Williams life. John Yip used First Aid to save the Baron from death and he was discharged in Belgrade together with his daughter taking him to Dr Sigmund Freud in Vienna.

1893 NPC.

Baron von Hofler

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