Bentley Burnham

Agent hireling of cult leader Menkaph


The investigators uncovered Bentley Burnham immediately despite his efforts to escape as a journalist. Caught in his home the game was up and he never become a real danger to the investigators. Average built, well dressed, fast talker pretending to be journalist

They reached an accord that the investigators would pay him 100 pounds for his trip to Ireland and give him safe passage. Bentley informed the investigators that he and some of Menkaph’s minions had followed them and that Menkaph is currently in Paris at Hotel Meurice, but will be on the Wednesday Orient Express bound for Constantinople.

Burnham is a fast talking, cold player that carried a pistol at the confrontation with the investigators. He was ice cold in trying to trick them, and some of the players actually did not want to let him leave. In the end they did, wanting to focus on the actual Cult of the Blood Red Fez itself, and not its hirelings.


Bentley Burnham

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