Conducteur Henri Peeters

Dark haired Belgian conducteur with utmost service


Henri is here. How may I help you?” is his standard line. Very attentive to passengers’ needs and utmost service. Impeccably dressed with a well groomed mustache to fit the Belgian suave. Nothing will pass on Peeters watch.


Henri Peeters is Conducteur at the Orient Express, the world’s finest train service. Henri befriended the investigators early on as they succeeded with Credit Rating rolls and gave him a graceful tip. He utterly dislikes Menkaph as he believes him to have a wrongful interest in Mrs Myers. As the journey progressed and the investigators saved the train and all its passengers from Menkaph and his crazed cultists, Peeters turned into a trusted friend even handing the investigators the master key to all compartments on the train. As they arrived in Constantinople he helped them with customs and bid a hopeful Au Revoir. Henri Peeters is now considered a trustful ally as he also saw the beasts of the Cthulhu Mythos more than once on the train.

Conducteur Henri Peeters

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