Dr. Errol Murray

Likes smoking shotguns, smoking pipes and smoky whisky.


89% First aid
89% Medicine
89 % Shotgun
41% Anthropology
55% Psychology
0% Cthulhu Mythos


Dr. Murray is a skilled doctor with an impressive degree from the University of St. Andrews who loves to enjoy all the luxuries of life – drinking, smoking and travelling are some of his favourite pastimes. Despite and perhaps because of his expensive habits, Errol is poor at managing his money and has on more than occasion ended up completely broke in a foreign city.

His childhood was spent both in Turkey living with his mother’s rich family and in Scotland living a slightly more modest life with his doctor father and mother. Murray now spends a lot of his time travelling but has a residence in Scotland and often visits his family in Istanbul knowing he will be given an allowance despite having passed 40 years of age.

Errol came into contact with the occult in a strange occurrence where one of his patient rose from the dead after having been declared dead. The incident resulted in his assistant being killed and Errol buying his shotgun which he now always keeps at a handy distance.

Dr. Errol Murray

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