Frank Patterson

Hard ball British detective of Scotland Yard.


Frank is good with guns and in fights and has extreme alertness with Spot Hidden 99 %. He is not an academic but is very experienced and street wise. Completely unafraid and strong fighting spirit. This investigator will never yield to the Mythos.


Hard ball Scotland Yard detective with former assignment in London. Still has good network inside the Yard but has woven a silent oath to fight the Mythos. After some years fighting the Mythos in the United States he joined his friends back to his native England to aid a friend of a friend, Professor Smith in the biggest challenge ever in his career.

Frank tries to resolve challenges the silent way, but is not afraid to use force. One such avid example is when he took aim and fired at the presumedly deranged Baron von Hofler during the 1893 Orient Express trip to Konstantinopel, even though his good friend Colonel Williams was in the direct line of fire. His experience in crime fighting makes him aware that violence sometimes must be used to push through the missions. He has seen ghastly things hitherto but trusts his old friends Hermann, Colonel Williams, Lord Fyrom Squibb, Boris Vasilij, and Edvard Natt & Dag fully. He is somewhat more skeptical to the new additions to the team. He is always careful with new acquaintances.

Frank Patterson

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