Hieronymous Menkaph

Top gun of the turkish sekt of the blood red fez


Carrying a wryly smile, very self-ascertain, staring straight into your eyes. Extravagant, almost theatrical, he wore a violet opera cape and neatly spread mustache. Menkaph expressed himself in colorful terms. “I am impressed you made it so far! Now make up your mind to join our cause, or suffer eternal pain and suffering.”

Spell casting capabilities to control others and used the blood red fezzes to spawn monstrous servants. Following Menkaph were also ferocious shadows clawing and injuring the investigators, almost killing Frank Patterson in the final fight in the train corridor.


In our campaign the investigators first encountered Menkaph in the Salon Car of the Orient Express 1893, as he was having tea with his subjects. Later that same night the investigators managed to get hold of the occult mythos tome The Whispering Fez, which caused an immediate crazed attack by the cultists and Menkaph. In the end the investigators were successful but it was a close shave. Later in Constantinople the investigators found out by Professor Demir that Menkaph was not the true leader of the cult The Children of the Blood Red Fez, but rather a servant of the true leader, Nisrah the Daughter of Fate. They also learnt that Menkaph was really an Englisman by the name of Mortimer Leeds from Cheswick.

Hieronymous Menkaph

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