Ian Flannery

Journalist and ex-boxer who still packs a punch


Good looking with a somewhat crooked nose and scar above the left eyebrow. Dark, short cut hair and blue eyes. A ladies man. Stalwart gaze that does not back for anything out there. Well dressed with tie and 3-piece suit covered in a wool coat. Dark grey hat that he gently takes off for the ladies.

Greatly dislikes pipe tobacco smell. Perhaps from his time in jail.

Characteristics & Rolls

Strength 16, Constitution 16, Size 12, Dexterity 16, Appearance 11, Sanity 75, Intelligence 15, Power 15, Education 10, Idea 75, Luck 75, Know 50.

Top skills

Martial Arts (Boxing) 89 %, Handgun 75 %, English language, Shotgun, and Spot Hidden 50 %.


Ian Flannery grew up in Belfast, the divided capital of Northern Ireland. Son of an abusive father he decided one night that he could no longer stand seeing his mother getting beaten and hence almost killed his father. As a juvenile he was awarded to a lighter sentence but still the penitentiary serving time. Hard training and boxing saved him and he was released early for good behavior. Inside the prison walls he heard rumors of nightly sessions with cultists inside the prison walls. Perhaps the warden was one of them. He had a short boxing career that unfortunately stalled. He was too angry for the fight nights.

Continuing the tradition of boxing writers like Hemingway, Bukowsky and Norman Mailer, he turned to a career as an investigative reporter. There he soon found out that there are things beyond the realms we see that is about to waken up. Were the cultists right after all? Eager to find out exactly what was out there in the dark shadows, he joined a group of brave investigators led by 4 friends he met somewhere, somehow…

Ian Flannery

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