Ilsa von Hofler

Baron von Hofler's daughter determined to treat her father.


Ilsa von Hofler is a young blond woman in her mid 20s but with self-bewusst and stamina of an experienced adventurer. Strong and agile she moves fast and resolute to solve any issue and confront any challenge fearlessly.

Skilled in melee but was grappled by John Yip as she tried to knock him down outside the Salon Car.

Tricky personality as she dressed up and pretended to be Japanese woman as she spied on her father.


The investigators first saw her outside on the train station in Vienna as she was arguing with her father. Later she reappeared on the train as a Japanese woman, trying to spy on her father and kidnap him to safety. The investigators did get confirmation from Conducteur Henri Peeters that her booking was made under the name “Von Hofler” and after that kept an eye on her. As the Baron von Hofler lost it and kidnapped Colonel Williams, a fight broke out and Frank Patterson almost killed the baron. Saddened, Ilsa exited with her father in Belgrade and were picked up by the family doctor and servants heading for Dr Sigmund Freud in Vienna. Ilsa von Hofler told the investigators to contact her if need be.

Ilsa von Hofler

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