John Yip

Agile and fast. Sharp eyes and technical skills.


Very agile and silent, only speaks when he has something to add. Brave personality often volunteering even for the most daunting tasks. Somewhat quiet about his past and sticks to the story that he was a photographer for the British Army in Hongkong. Slender Asian Chinese looks with black hair and eyes. Half-British so taller than average Asians. Gentleman manners and courteous to his fellow man. Speaks perfect English and Mandarine Chinese.


John Yip served for the British Army in Hong Kong where he took a role as Army photographer. The investigators suspect there are more to his story but at the moment it is shrouded in clouds. Frank and Hermann suspect him to work, or have worked, for British Intelligence.

John Yip claims to have worked as a photographer for the British Army stationed in Hong Kong. He recently joined the investigators and uses his photography skills to further their investigating capabilities and knowledge of the Mythos. Apparently his photographical skills are not as good as his courage, failing almost every picture in the heat of the moment. However, his flashes saved the investigators life probably as they were fighting off the dark shadows attacking them in the 1893 trip on the Orient Express fighting the Blood Red Fez cult. In the end the investigators were successful and John Yip is now an appreciated and welcomed member of the investigating team.

There are rumors that John Yip did not only work as an Army photographer but rather that he was part of British Army Intelligence Services. He seems very agile and cool, and on several occasions the other investigators have seen him move and act beyond the repertoire of a simple photographer. More than once did he save their lives so he is certainly an appreciated member of the team.

John Yip

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