Russian arms dealer dressed in expensive fur


Karakov is a Russian arms dealer displaying his vast fortunes with fur and rings on every finger. Somewhat hesitant, yet approachable for conversation. Seems to be tired or fatigued at times.


The investigators first met Karakov at the Dreamlands Express welcoming banquet where he was one of the original passengers departing from Ulthar, town of cats. He is a Russian arms dealer of renown and apparently spent most of his time securing deals on the Western Front during the Great War.

MacKenzie warned the investigators that Karakov might be a Russian spy and that he does not trust him. They are acquaintances from the Orient Express as they both travel there frequently. MacKenzie also informed that Karakov is rumored to be of ill health.

During the banquet Karakov offered investigator Ian Flannery 500 roubles to steal MacKenzie’s briefcase and give it to him. MacKenzie is a courier to the British government and wears his briefcase locked to his wrist at all times.


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