Madame Bruja

Wearing 16 to 18th century dressing and white pale face


Madame Bruja wears a mix of 16 to 18th century clothing accented with an Elizabethan type collar and a white pale face. Hair set up with large needles.


The investigators first met Madame Bruja at the welcoming banquet dinner at the Dreamlands Express. She was one of the original passengers set out from Ulthar, home of the cats. She was reluctant to engage in conversations at first but after a while opened up. She seemed alarmed and warned the investigators about someone (“he”) who wants to steal something from her (an object). She also told the investigators that she had lost her daughter due to a very sad event. The details still missing.

Lord Fyrom Squibb suspected her of being stuck in a time loop going round and around on the Dreamlands Express forever. Hence the odd mix of clothing from different epochs.

Professor Scott mentioned that she could be the actual sorcerer that the investigators were warned about on a note coming out from the music box, even though “sorcerer” is masculine rather than the feminine “sorceress”.

Madame Bruja

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