The Frenchman

Black slick hair, good looking in white jacket, cold manors


Cold and superior manors. Aristocratic and suave. Self ascertain. Physical appearance and stamina seems to be in great shape.


The Frenchman was the mentor of Nisra the Daughter of Fate who is now the cult leader of the Children of the Blood Red Fez. Nisra left the Frenchman to join Menkaph’s ranks and then took over the entire cult.

With the investigators visiting the Frenchman in his mansion, he apparently did not know of Menkaph’s death on the Orient Express three nights earlier. The Frenchman is considered a powerful occult leader in Konstantinopel. He is aware of Professor Demir and seems to defy Selim Makryat, calling him off with a mean laughter.

The Frenchman’s mansion is a well guarded fort with high walls and locked gates. Guards in white robes and fezzes seen everywhere. As the investigators approached the gate and asked for parley, they were body searched and had to leave all weapons and mechanical and photographic equipment. The guards were well disciplined and thorough.

The Frenchman

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