Horror on the Orient Express - Total Recap!

Children of the Blood Red Fez
The Blood Red Fez - scenario 3 session 8

Constantinople, 14th January 1893, approximately 03.00 am in the morning in Professor Demir’s house in Galata.

Professor Demir was exhausted. He had spent the evening and the night translating the ultimate secret part of The Whispering Fez. The message was clear. One of them had to commit a huge sacrifice and put on the Blood Red Fez to be able to destroy it and all fezzes. This was the only way to permanently shut the possible gate for that… thing… wanting to enter and devour our world.

The investigators were troubled by this sacrifice. Who would do it? Edvard Natt och Dag broke the silence. “I will do it.” Again silence.

The investigators discussed the matter intensively as Professor Demir withdrew to his personal quarters to rest. They found two positive alternatives:

1) Immediate attack on Nisra’s base on the island in the Southern Maramar sea under protection of the dull grey night.

Pros: Spring a surprise attack to achieve advantage and no external parties that might risk the ritual to destroy the fezzes.

Cons: Very dangerous as they do not know the size or capacity of the cultists in their base.

2) Consultations with the Sultan in Constantinople, hoping for his military aide in rescuing his kidnapped cousin.

Pros: Force projection enough to combat the cult.

Cons: Involving a third party risks the completion of the ritual to destroy the fezzes.

A majority favored the first alternative as they could not risk the Sultan meddling into the affairs of the ritual and the fezzes. They were afraid that the Sultan would confiscate the fezzes and the Whispering Fez tome. Such power has immense allure.

With the decision made they hurried down to the harbor and met with an experienced fisherman and local friend of Professor Demir, Nine-fingered Abdullah. He and his crew took the investigators some 12 miles out in the Southern Marmara sea and there it was the island of Princes. Nine-fingered Abdullah’s caique was a perfect vessel for a stealth attack, fast and silent. “If you are friends of the Professor, you are my friends. God Speed.”


Above: Nine-fingered Abdullah’s Turkish caique

It was barren and small like a hillock. On top of the island was an old beaten tower from the Byzantine times. There were some brushes and old stone walls, but otherwise not much to hide behind. The investigators decided not to land in the small natural sand harbor on the South side, but rather on the North-Western side by the rocks, somewhat protected from view behind the brush and more rocks.

Edvard climbed ashore and mounted a rope for the others. The landing was succesful and Nine-fingered Abdullah sailed out to wait for the retrieving signal.


Above: The investigator landing marked with a red circle and their advancement towards the tower with a red line.

The investigators advanced and a team of four investigators mounted the tower. Edvard was first and as he entered the top with his climbing equipment he killed the sleeping guard with his bayonet. Now they had Edvard, Frank, Hermann, and Manfred up there and a hatch led down inside the tower.


Above: Nisra’s tower and the base for the Children of the Fez cult.

On the ground Ian and Boris took positions by the main door, and Walter Scott JR positioned himself defensively just behind the stone wall with his rifle offering cover fire in case they all had to retreat.

Manfred pulled open the hatch on the tower roof and Frank and Edvard hammered Nisra and her Black Eunuch bodyguard with sprays of bullets. Both killed before they could respond. On the ground, Ian swung open the main door, but one of the cultists was alerted and fired his rifle back at Ian. Ian was faster and got the cultist good in the upper thigh, felling down with trauma damage. The gunfight was over in just 3-4 rounds as the cultists fell before they could respond. 5 of the remaining 8 was killed in the first round. A great success for the investigators. Master planned and executed.

Searching the premises they found three blood red fezzes and Nisra had a peculiar ceremonial dagger in black stone or exotic mineral/metal not previously known to the investigators. They rescued the prince stuck in the golden cage, covered in his own excrements and huge blisters all over his body. They also found Professor Demir’s son alive down in the cultists’ caiques. Mission completed.

Back in Professor Demir’s house some of the investigators went to sleep exhausted. Still up were Edvard Natt och Dag, Boris Vasiljevsky, Walter Scott JR and Ian Fenning. Edvard was focused. “We must destroy the fez now before it is too late.” He took of his Mi-go Bio-Armor (1 damage and 1 point reduced absorption to 5) and put on the blood red fez. The other three investigators saw him struggling. It was a battle of the will. Win or die, nothing else mattered now.


For a brief moment Edvard felt immense pain and then a surge of power. His mental energies was sucked out of him (losing 15 Magic points immediately) and his sanity greatly challenged (losing first 10 Sanity, then again 1 for total 11 Sanity). But the fez spoke to him. It offered great powers and a glimpse of a greater being wanting to enter this world.


Edvard now had to make a crucial decision. Did he want to take control of the blood red fez and become a true master of all the blood red fezzes, becoming perhaps the most powerful man on the planet; Or would he destroy all the fezzes once and for all, shutting down the gate to that greater evil being? Edvard hesitated for a short while that immense power within grasp, nauseating him…. but then he chose wisely and destroyed them all. The four fezzes lying next to him imploded directly, but the one he was wearing melted down over his face burning his skin with enormous pain and distorting it. (5 damage and -5 Appearance as he was marked by this).

Edvard Natt och Dag had defeated and destroyed the blood red fezzes and probably saved the world. A hero of legend was born.

Edvard Natt och Dag

With that we concluded the 3rd scenario which took us 8 long sessions. Still no investigator killed, but rather mauled. We awarded Sanity points according to the investigators successes:

1) Saving Mrs Myers for 1d4 Sanity points (they didn’t save Mr Myers and hence lost 1d4)
2) Saving Professor Demir’s son Barlas for 1d4 Sanity points
3) Defeating the cult Children of the Fez for 1d6 Sanity points
4) Edvard received additional 1d10 Sanity points for destroying the blood red fezzes

Skill points experience checks will be administered at the next session.

We will implement 7th edition rules next session.


We will implement “How Sorcerers Do It” rules before the next session which allows investigators with spell casting ambitions to expend Sanity points for more Power and Magic points. I guess Hermann is a high potential candidate here.

See you soon in scenario 4 with 7th edition rules!


Caligula Campaign Rules
Playing the game

Playing a huge and long campaign as ours that include tens of players and several years of active gaming, you need to have structured campaign rules. The campaign rules are there to guide in decision making and also give transparency to players how we want to play the game.

This document is available for all my players on Google Docs and I will also add a link here for your reference: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XpK6-bdyrjSwudXiBdVgExyGKVGnmv8hfMSQusTxDVY/edit

Please note that we are currently playing the 6th edition rules and will change into 7th edition after the completion of the 3rd scenario of the Horror on the Orient Express. All investigators will be duly converted as per the official conversion rules.


Welcome to read!


The Oriental Club
Game Keeper of Lore goes to visit

Unfortunately yesterday’s session was cancelled due to people having colds, traveling, and work, work. So instead I decided to contact the Oriental Club and ask to visit them. They are obviously a members only club, but I managed to convince them to open their secret doors to me, Caligula. I am after all the world’s most famous Game Keeper of Lore.

How did I convince them? I told them I was the Game Keeper of the world’s largest Call of Cthulhu campaign and that the Horror on the Orient Express campaign starts with scenes inside the Oriental Club. You might remember from scenario 1 and 2 that the investigators had meetings and cocktails with Professor Smith in the Oriental Club.

Here below is an original document sent to me from Nadya Adashkina, responsible for membership issues. I hope to add pictures from my visit as soon as possible.



The Blood Red Fez - Scenario 3 session 7

The Orient Express continued towards the final destination. Konstantinopel. The investigators were duly tired and decided to rest in their compartments. Frank and Hermann locked themselves up with the two blood red fezzes and the Whispering Fez tome. Many lives had been lost for these artifacts and they would not let them go.

They had made some new friends along the way. A German archeologist by the name of Manfred Schultz had affronted them and apparently had heard of Hermann Müller. There were also a couple of British people wanting to befriend the investigators. A Professor Walter Scott JR from Edinburgh, a Dr Erroll Murray from the Scottish highlands but born in Konstantinopel, a certain Ian Flannery ex-boxer now turned journalist from Dublin and Belfast. They had all entered the train in Budapest, except for Manfred who just entered in the Serb city of Nis.

Ian Flannery

Manfred Schultz

Dr. Errol Murray

(Prof. Walter Scott JR will be uploaded shortly)

The new friends were told about the very important mission and swore an oath to help the investigators bringing the artifacts to Professor Demir in Konstantinopel and making sure they would be destroyed for ever.

The last day was very peaceful as they passed through Sofia and later next day arrived in Konstantinopel at 10:43 in the morning. Konstantinopel was an impressive place with peoples and religions from everywhere. There were Albanians, Jews, Muslims, Europeans, black people from Africa, Armenians and exciting aromas and spices mixed with the sound of music and loud voices in many different languages.


Above: Sirkeci station in Constantinopel

They said Au Revoir to the train conducteur Henri Peters who had become their friend. “I hope to see you soon again” he greeted them not knowing the investigators lost from their own time 30 years ahead…

Conducteur Henri Peeters

Professor Demir was supposed to meet them at the Sirkeci station but there was no sign of him. Professor Smith’s description was that of a 6 ft tall well built man in his fifties and no such person was to be found. A pair of youngsters however came towards the investigators in haste, pointing at them and whispering. “Are you friends of Professor Smith?” they enquired in broken English. They seemed nervous and the girl in her middle teens had a tear in her eye. “We are Toprak and Rana, children of Professor Demir. Our father has been attacked but survived, yet injured. Please come with us in hurry. The cart is waiting.”


Above: Konstantinopel and the Bosporus

Professor Demir lived in a nice mansion in the fancy area of Galata in the outskirts of central Konstantinopel. The mansion was two stories high in white stone and gated. Well inside the professor greated them but was wearing a bandage around his stomach with a large dark spot underneath it. “We were attacked last night by several villains. They tried to kill me but my son Barlas intervened. They kidnapped him and left a note with three conditions for Barlas return.”


Professor Demir was in pain but could move with his stick and some aid from his wife. The investigators were suspicious after Baron von Hofler’s psychosis on the Orient Express, and decided to not only interview Demir and his wife, but also look onto his wound. Dr Erroll Murray could vet it was in accordance with the professors claim. A deep wound from a sharp pointy object aimed to kill him. He was in no mortal danger but would need convalescence in his home for some time.


Above: Professor Demir before the attack

The three demands to return the son Barlas were:

1) Return the fezzes to the cult
2) Return the Whispering Fez tome to the cult
3) The investigators must leave Konstantinopel on the next steamer or Orient Express and not interfere further in the cults business

The exchange would take place next midnight in the Kasim Pasha docks. The investigators were concerned that Professor Demir would yield to the kidnappers’ demands but he was solid. “I am no fool. I know for sure that they would never honor their word. They would take the artifacts and kill my son still the same. The only way out now is to find him before the Children of the Blood Red Fez kill him.”

Professor Demir was thoroughly interviewed by the investigators and he told them about the Whispering Fez and that he could help them translate the last secret part of it. He also told them about the Children of the Blood Red Fez which was the name of the cult they had been fighting lately and killing their assumed leader Menkaph. But Menkaph was not their true leader he was just a henchman to the true leader. A certain Nisra the Daughter of Fate. She was their main rival. Nisra was the former pupil of an occult master called The Frenchman and he currently resided here in Konstantinopel in a luxurious mansion in the Stamboul neighborhood close to the Sultan’s palace. The investigators decided to send a patrol of four to visit the Frenchman and interview him. Manfred, Dr Ellroy, Frank and Ian took off in haste, while Hermann and Prof Walter Scott assisted (guarded?) Professor Demir in his studies of the Whispering Fez. Professor Demir also warned them of Selim Makryat who used to be an ally to Menkaph. He resided in an ancient fortress in Scutari, on the Asian side of the Bosporus. Selim Makryat was worshipping a being called The Skinless One and his cult was called The Brothers of the Skin. The investigators also clearly remembered Professor Smith’s warnings that he was an enemy on life and death to be feared.

The Frenchman


The fantastic four arrived after a couple of hours to the Frenchman’s fantastic mansion with exotic gardens and peacocks walking around the impressive gourds. Guards in white dresses were all over the place but the investigators were received after a Persuasion check and pat-down, having to leave all their weapons in the foyer of the building. The Frenchman was in a white silk three piece suit and red scarf. He was smoking a hookah pipe and wore dark shaded glasses so his eyes were concealed. Behind him were two large guards with revolvers and yatagans (Ottoman swords).


Picture above: Yatagan

The mansion was a domed residence building and they were now in a large room exits all over the place and opening up onto a wide balcony at the far end where the Frenchman was enjoying his hookah. The guards escorted the investigators inside and they were watched by prawling eye in the shadows in the many exits.


The Frenchman spoke slowly and softly. Not wasting his words. “You came for information. What do you want to know?” The investigators asked him about Nisra and the circumstances regarding her cult. The Frenchman seemed to the point and answering their questions without any hesitation. Dr Errol and Hermann succeeded with Psychology rolls, Frank with a Persuasion roll and one or two investigators with Credit Rating rolls. The Frenchman’s answers can be summarized like this:

  • Nisra the Daughter of Fate was his pupil but she left him for Menkaph who promised faster succession to power
  • Nisra has kidnapped a prince, a distant cousin of the Sultan named Ramazan. Ramadan was degenerated and ambitious, and suffers from aggressive syphilis.
  • Nisra has her base on the secret tenth island in the Marmara Sea, called the island of doomed princes
  • Nisra has a black Eunuch as body guard and several cultists
  • Menkaph has no real power (obviously not knowing Menkaph to be dead, shot on the Orient Express by the investigators three nights ago)
  • Selim Makryat is a joke, he is nothing! Laughing him off…

The Frenchman had no interest in cold talk and cut the parley short. “I am certain our paths will cross again”. A stone cold guy, summarized Frank thinking of the most psychotic baddies he ever met during his time at the Yard…

Back in the warm and welcoming house of the family Demir, the investigators agreed to let Professor Demir study the last chapter of the Whispering Fez and after a nice dinner they gathered shortly after midnight to listen to his conclusions. The last part was in code where 75 % Persian and 25 % Cthulhu Mythos was demanded to unlock it. The last chapter was instructions how to destroy the blood red fezzes for ever and eternity.

The key points were:

  • One person must wear a blood red fez and doing so causes a great mental challenge and sacrifice of will power
  • If there is a master of the blood red fezzes, you must get eye contact with said master while wearing your blood red fez and defeat him/her with greater mental power surge
  • If there is no master you must challenge the blood red fez itself with greater mental power and risk causing damage to yourself
  • If you succeed in the mental power challenge all blood red fezzes are immediately destroyed and cannot be brought back ever

The blood red fezzes are the gate and the key to something that wants to enter this world. It must be stopped. (first part of the Whispering Fez tome, translated and read by Hermann Müller)

To be continued

The new Call of Cthulhu computer game
The Hawkins Case

Waiting for our next session on October 25 I wanted to share this cool trailer for the new Call of Cthulhu video game with you guys:


The Hawkins case…

Stockholm H.P. Lovecraft Festival VI
Team Caligula going for glory!

It is time for the 6th Stockholm H.P. Lovecraft Festival in Stockholm 20th to 23rd October. I will participate with 3 of my players in the two competitions available on Saturday:

At noon we play the board game Arkham Horror.

At 3 pm we play Call of Cthulhu 7th edition.

The competition is in front of an audience so we hope my Team Caligula will do good! So far it looks like myself, Christer and Lloyd are up for it. We need a 4th player from the group so I’m excited to see who will grab the last spot.

Please join us at the festival. Here is a link to the webpage: https://www.facebook.com/events/544033029133567/


The Blood Red Fez - Scenario 3 session 6
The Baron's Grand Finale

Frank kicked the door wide open. There he was the mighty Baron of the Austria-Hungary Empire. But he looked different. Wild and unattended to. His collar slit open and hair greatly disturbed. He had pulled his blade from the cain and stood behind Colonel Williams with the tip of the blade towards the Colonel’s neck.

Hand me the Whispering Fez or your comrade will die like a pig!

His shouting was furious, the scream of a madman. Colonel Williams seemed to be in trance, his eyes looking wide beyond the present compartment but still holding the gun with smoke coming from its barrel.

The investigators conveyed. How to overman them without killing them? This was the challenge. Frank lost his patience. This was no time for petty conferences! They were under fire and he almost got blown away two seconds ago! Frank opened fire and hit the Baron in his shoulder. Lord Fyrom Squibb followed suit and hit him again in the side. The Baron fell. Anxiously waiting for Colonel Williams response, he seemed to stagger and lowered his gun. The fight was over.

Miss Ilsa von Hofler lost it. “You bastards, you killed my father! I will have you shot for treason!” She ran over to her father and fell over him trying to revive him. The investigators followed suit and with First Aid and Medicine they managed to restore hime to +3 hit points in the grace of time. The Baron was very close to death.

The train staff agreed to silence this whole matter. No one wanted a scandal that could rock the Austria-Hungary Empire further. There was rumors of upheaval and uproar in the Serbian parts and the need for tranquility was clear and present.

Arriving in Budapest, Miss Ilsa von Hofler’s hirelings entered the train. The investigators were pleased to see that they were old friends. Edward Natt och Dag of the Swedish Aristocracy, and Boris Vasilij, a Russian Military Attache. Also entering were some new faces, Dr of Medicine Dr Errol Murray and a Mr Ian from Dublin, an investigative journalist ex boxer, as well as a Scottish investigator, a Mr Nic Harwey Ferguson, Professor of languages with Latin (89 %) and Arabic (61 %) as majors. Beside English at 95 % of course…

(These new investigators will be uploaded within shortly in the Characters area)

Miss Ilsa Von Hofler said good bye and left with the Baron in Budapest. They would take him back to Vienna where famous Psychiatrist Dr Sigmund Freud would treat him. “Good luck with your mission, I do hope for all of us that you succeed”. The investigators respected her need for privacy but courteously asked how they could find her and the Baron if need be. “Vienna is our home and I will treat my father there.” She slipped off in the dark Budapest night.

Budapest views:



The investigators rested and Hermann continued his studies guarded by Frank Patterson who would not leave The Whispering Fez or the Blood Red Fez unguarded any more. Hermann finished the tome around 2:30 am. He looked with grim eyes at Frank. “We must hurry to destroy the fez. Something…. something very bad is waiting to enter this world and the fez is the gate.”

Frank saw something in Hermann’s eyes that he had not seen before. Sheer fright.

The investigators tried to get some sleep but awoke already at 05:40 as the train arrived in Belgrade.

Belgrade views:



Lord Fyrom Squibb had difficulties sleeping at decided to send a postcard back to England. The postal services were great along the Orient Express and you could send and receive post and postal telegrams at each and every station. Modern technology at its best!


Unfortunately Lord Squibb did not share his sentiments with the rest of the group so we do not know the content at this time. Perhaps it will be revealed at a later time. In the meantime please enjoy the Serb colorful estethics on the postcard above.

Russian Breakfast

The morning was breaking as the train had left Belgrade, The Kingdom of the Serbs. Hermann looked out over the hills and mountainous terrain. How could the Austrians ever hold this land, he thought to himself. German mechanized forces would be needed. So right he was 58 years before the future invasion.


The restaurant was open and they entered it. As they were about to finish the Countess entered followed by her companion Miss Karla Minkoff. She hasted to the investigators. “I need your help. Pytor Trubosky, my husbands cousin, refuses to let me go. We were lovers but I want to break it up. Now he threatens me. Please help me I know you to be men of honor and great potency.” The investigators asked her if no other path was possible. It was not. Boris Vasilij lost it. He would challenge Trubosky on a duel he said stoutly. As Count Razumosky and Pytor Trubosky entered the salon he joined their table and waited for it. And it came. Trubosky happened to mention low remarks of the region where *Boris*’ mother came from (Luck roll_). Boris stood up and slapped Trubosky over the face. “You have insulted my mother and I challenge you on a duel!”. The Count looked shocked but nodded. Indeed, a duel was the right way to handle disagreement between gentlemen. Boris, almost 2 meters tall and 100+ muscles lifted Trubosky from the table and carried him off to the next wagon (Luggage Car, Fourgon) and there he gave him a good brushing off. Trubosky almost started crying and was submissive at once realizing this could be his last moment in life. Never talk to the Countess again or I will make sure you never see the light of day again. Trubosky agreed and they returned to the restaurant car. The count was all smiles. "_Gentlemen, you have settled your differences like true men. Now we drink Vodka!" And so bottles of Vodka was brought forward at 9:30 in the morning…



Mr Myers not feeling well…

Frank and Lord Fyrom Squibb wanted to check on Mr Myers. It had been 3 days now. About the same time that poor student Matthew Pooke had lasted before turning into a monster in London. No sounds or movement from the compartment? They asked the guard. None. The investigators readied their weapons and entered the compartment. He was still bound and the trap was still there with sharp blades mounted on the bed above. Suddenly he moved and tried to break free with ferocious force. The strands were about to break! His face had changed now, almost submerged into the fez that seemed to melt down over his face. His teeth looked grim and the tongue now 30-40 centimeters long split like the tongue of a snake. The investigators opened fire. They continued to fire until the monster stopped moving. The monsters resistance to bullets made some of the investigators use blunt weapons and shotguns for greater effect. These monsters seemed almost immune to impaling weapons.

As the monster succumbed to its last breath, the Blood Red Fez fell off. Now they had two. They gathered it carefully without touching it, and put it in the bo with the other Fez that they got in London. Now they had two.


The train continued with full speed to Nis and only 20-30 minutes remained. A little less than 24 hours remained to Constantinople where they would arrive the next day, Saturday, at 10:43.

To be continued

Erik Granström came to visit
Famed fantasy author in da Haus

Last session we received a famous visitor. Erik Granström, Sweden’s most famous author joined in and told us about his work and passion.


Above: His book series Svavelvinter (Sulfur Winter) tops the charts.


Above: Me and Erik Granström

Erik talked about his life as a professional fantasy writer, how it all started and what’s cooking. He started by playing roleplaying games and Dungeons & Dragons among others of course, but also Swedish games like Drakar & Demoner.

With us this night in the dark dungeons under Stockholm Old Town was my playing group from the Horror on the Orient Express campaign.


Above: Malte, Lloyd and Mike the Bike listening to Erik Granström.


Above: Mats, Malte, Mike the Bike and Lloyd listening to Erik.

Suddenly we hear steps from the caverns…. Who could it be? We were all alone this dark autumn night…





Perhaps we only thought we heard something. Lets keep playing!


And Erik signed our books for us:


Game on!



Then I realized. It must be the headless man who visited us. Ah yes!


Walking home alone I looked at the old tower of Stockholm. It felt as if someone was looking at me from the dark corners of the earth. Had that old thing finally awaken?


The Blood Red Fez - Scenario 3 part 5
Baron von Hofler enters the frey

We left last session with the investigators arriving at Vienna Westbahnhof early evening at 17:50 pm Thursday 11th January 1893. Outside the window they could see Baron von Hofler arguing with a young woman in emotional distress. The argument ended with the Baron giving the young lady a good ransack and she left quicker than the rain drops fell over the imperial capital.


The investigators were eager to great their ally. Professor Smith was obviously impressed by the baron and also an important ally with his financial muscles and knowledge and expertise of the ockult.

Baron von Hofler

Perhaps they were a little too eager as John Yip and Frank early on rolled “97” and “98” in Credit Rating and Fast Talk. The Baron sat down his feet and also later complained to Hermann about “Peasant Bavarians not knowing the difference between Göthe and Schiller”. He also seemed disturbed by the Russian contingent present as their cousins the Serb peasants were a nuisance to the Empire’s Southern parts. (Little did he know that this conflict would lead to the Great War in two decades time)

The investigators were invited to his compartment and just to make sure that he was the real Baron they asked for his passport, and also tested his knowledge of the fez. They presented one of the fake ones as the real fez, but the Baron complained immediately and apparently his knowledge was such that he easily could differ a fake from the real one. Content the conversation continued.


The Baron went through the Apocrypha of the Fez as the investigators had not broken its language barrier. The investigators gained +2 % Cthulhu Mythos and lost 1d4 Sanity. They were not entitled to check for spells, but are allowed to do so later when they have read the Apocrypha themselves. They still have their own ex with them.

The investigators told the Baron about their Whispering Fez tome that they found in the Myers’ compartment, and he was delighted. “I have to read it now!” he commanded but they agreed to wait until 02:00 am when Hermann was supposed to finish it.


Hermann continued his studies of the Whispering Fez. The real tome of the fez that as said to reveal all the secrets and perhaps even how to destroy it. We still cherish the “01” roll of Hermann’s player for Persian…


The investigators decided to tell the Baron about their time travel, or travel inside the diary of Professor Smith. He asked for technical evidence and Frank showed him his Tommy gun and Hermann showed the license of his Mercedes 1920s sportscar. The Baron replied that he would believe them. He was troubled by the fact that the professor was badly hurt in the fire. He continued that they rather believe him as well when he told them that this would be the most dangerous challenge they had ever undertaken with great Mythos powers working behind the schemes. “The fez is not just that ridiculous hat. It is also a portal to something beyond our own reality. Something that wants to come here.” He asked the investigators to be prepared to die for their cause.


Needless to say dinner was rather dull after their conversation. Frank, Lord Fyrom Squibb and John Yip joined the baron for dinner. Hermann continued the studies accompanied by Colonel Williams. Their compartment hid the treasures of the Blood Red Fez and the tome the Whispering Fez.


Also in the dining car was Aileen MacGregor, tending to Mrs Myers who was still in chock. Despite the investigators recommendation that she would exit at Vienna to see Dr Sigmund Freud, she decided to stay on the train hoping to save her greatly ill husband.

The Russians stuck to themselves parleying in crude French. The investigators were still not sure if the lipstick on Pytor Trubosky, the Count’s cousin, came from the Countess or her companion Karla Minkoff. They had seen a blond woman quickly disappear into Trubosky’s compartment in the middle of the night last night. They could not exclude MacGregor either as she had light red hair and in the dim light of the train corridor it was still a possibility.

They also spotted a Japanese woman dressed in purple kimono with a scarlet dragon, that stuck to herself. She nodded gently and courteously to the others. As Frank, and later John Yip, tried to get closer to her, they noticed that she had blue eyes…

Dinner was over and done and the Baron went to his quarters to get some rest as he was planning to take over the Whispering Fez. They agreed that the tome would be delivered to his compartment around 02:00 am and Hermann would knock a secret combination of 2-1-2.

Hermann and Colonel Williams remained in their compartment.

Frank, John Yip and Lord Fyrom Squibb decided to look into the Japanese woman. Something was wrong there. A Japanese lady with blue eyes? They slid a note under her door: “Quickly come to the Salon car. You know who I am”. And then they hid in the next compartment using their main key that they received from the Chef du Train, Patrick Rosseau. They listened carefully ears close to the door. They heard her door open, but then nothing. John Yip exited and went to the salon. There she was! They met in the passage between the cars and as she passed he pulled her black hair. It came off. A wig! She turned around and punched towards his face. John ducked away but she pulled a gun and told him to nack off. John used grapple to disarm her and was joined by his friends Lord Squibb and Frank. “Who are you? Cultists?” “What, hell no!” answered John Yip. “Are you?”. She shook her head. The guards went down. “My name is Ilsa von Hofler. Im the daughter of Baron von Hofler. My father is sick, very sick and also possibly dangerous. I have posted men in Budapest and the family doctor in Belgrade. I aim to kidnap my father and force him to Doctor Sigmund Freund in Vienna. Hopefully we can cure him there.”

The investigators were stunned.

Hermann was closing in on the last chapters of the Whispering Fez. His NSDAP pin was strictly attached to his black jacket. By the door, Colonel Williams was checking his .32 revolver. Somebody knocked on the door. Hermann and Col. Williams looked at each other. They expected no visitors at this time. “Who is it?” demanded Colonel Williams. “It is I, Baron von Hofler. Open up I have urgent errand with you.” It sounded like him and he had knocked the secret code as well 2-1-2. But why was he early? They had agreed to deliver the tome to his compartment at 02:00 am.

Colonel Williams opened the door. “We must progress with speed. Our enemies will strike soon. We must talk about this now” The investigators were concerned. Why this sudden change? Colonel Williams agreed to follow him to his compartment and Hermann stayed on alone, now only 3 hours from completion of the secret tome.

As Colonel Williams entered the baron’s compartment he was offered some obstler. “To the empire!” excelled the imperialist and downed a swig of purest fruit fluid. “Colonel Williams, you must understand that this is beyond even your worst nightmares. They are coming for us and they are coming now! Do you understand!!?? They are here!!! They will devour us!!!” The Baron worked himself up in a frenzy and Colonel Williams caught something growing in the Baron’s eyes, something burning red. That was the last thing that Colonel Williams remembered…

At the same time Frank, Lord Squibb and John Yip befriended the young woman claiming to be Ilsa von Hofler. They understood that the baron might pose a threat and hurried to Hermann’s compartment. “He left with the Baron”. The investigators pulled their guns and all of them headed for the Baron’s compartment. Ilsa and John Yip brought with them Ilsa’s laudanum and hypodermic needle, as well a rag with chloroform.

Frank opened the door with the master key but was fired upon immediately. The bullets missed him but surely the shooter intended to kill. What was going on here? As Frank threw himself to the ground the others stayed put. Was Colonel Williams still alive and who was firing at them from the Baron’s compartment? Why was the Baron behaving so weird all of a sudden?

To be continued…


The Blood Red Fez - Scenario 3 part 4
Menkaph comes! Thursday, January 11th 1893

Frank knew they would come. They would never give up The Whispering Fez tome. Many had already sacrificed their lives for this ancient tome of the Mythos. Frank made sure his .45 Thompson submachine gun was fully loaded with hard hitting .45 calibre bullets. Hermann loaded his shotgun and in the next compartment Lord Squibb and Colonel John Williams got their gear in shape as well. The investigators remained in their compartments but were ready. Frank maintained the watch with the door open and 99 % Spot Hidden and 95 % Listen would guard against any surprise attacks. In the furthest compartment away from the enemy (nr 1) John Yip and Max von Moser prepared to defend the tome and the fez.

The corridor was silent. Egorov was on guard outside Count Razumovsky; Kapok guarded Menkaph’s door, and the Myers’ door was guarded by a Train guard with a double-barreled shotgun.


The clock struck 01:00, one hour after midnight.

Suddenly the two Turkish cultists came running from the top of the corridor with drawn Yatagans! Kapok pulled his as well and rushed towards the investigators compartments. Kapok, standing outside compartment nr 7 was closer to the investigators. Frank could also see two Shadows flying down the walls of the corridor in ferocious speed. They came for the tome.


CONTAAAAAAAAAACT!!!” Frank yelled and kicked up the door. He and Hermann stepped out and caught the shadows. Immune to bullets, the investigators sorted to their gas light lanterns instead swinging wildly. This was the first line of defense. The 2nd line of defense was established by Lord From Squibb and Colonel John Williams who dash out from their compartment as well. These two lines of defense was all that was between them and the tome.

We set up the order of initiative like this:

1) 2 x Shadows
2) Frank Patterson
3) Turkish Cultist nr 1
4) Colonel Williams
5) Turkish Cultist nr 2
6) Hermann Müller
7) Kapok
8) Egorov
9) Lord Squibb
10) Train guard nr 1
11) Menkaph
12) Hermann attack nr 2
13) Train guard nr 2 (in the other Sleeping car but will join when he hears the gun shots)
14) John Yip (passive but might join later)
15) Count Razumovsky (as above)

The players were concerned that the enemy had 4 guys in the top 6 initiative. This would be hard.


As the Shadows entered melee all the four investigators resorted immediately to their gas lights and hammered them. Hermann had succeeded with a Mythos roll and knew they were prone to the light and would eventually flee if not destroyed. But the Shadows seemed to hit with every attack and Frank and Hermann started getting low hit points in single digits. As Kapok and the cultists approached as well, Frank pulled his .45 Thompson submachine gun. Egorov and the Train guard tried to hinder the cultists and one was badly injured by the Train guard’s shot gun blast. Menkaph fearing to lose the initiative cast a spell on Egorov who seems to turn and follow the cultists.

Frank fired away 20 bullets. The player chose to roll for each hit. Kapok who by now was at point-blank (doubled hit chance) and cone of fire (30 %) was hit by 4/4 bullets (4 hits out of 4 designated). He died instantly. The 1st cultist was further away (no point blank) but still in the cone of fire (30 %). His fortune was bigger as he dodged the first bullet and the others missed (0/5!). The player was taken by this. The 2nd Cultist was hit by 3/5 and died also. As Menkaph was preparing a 2nd spell, six bullets came his way. He dodged the first one but was struck by three (4/6). Menkaph died in the 3rd round of battle only.

Unfortunately Egorov was hit by two stray bullets and killed as well. Count Razomovsky, the 2nd Train guard and John Yip joined the battle now and the tide seemed to change for the better. The Shadows were tough as they seemed to hit each and every round. Frank and Hermann was down at 5 and 7 hit points respectively. John Yip seized the moment and readied his camera and flash bulb. He fired away each round with the flash causing the Shadows 1d6 damage. The Shadows fled and entered the Myers’ room. The investigators followed suit and John Yip flasked the compartment. Silence. The compartment was cleansed from evil and the battle was won.


The train staff gathered. Chef du Train Patrick Rosseau; Conducteur Henri Peeters and the Train guards. Count Razumovsky and the Train guard bare witness that the Turkish men and assaulted without any previous provocation. They were under Menkaph’s command. The investigators had nothing to fear, the train staff even thanked them for vigorously defeating these terrorists. It was obviously a political attack aimed at the Count. The police in Strasburg would be informed and the bodies extracted on arrival 03:43 this morning.

As the bodies were stock piled in the latter luggage car, the investigators decided to guard them in case they would resurrect like poor Mathew Pook. Menkaph and the two cultists wore the red fezes.

Count Razumovsky wanted a chat with the investigators. Political attack against him? Why had the cultists passed his compartment and continued towards the investigators? Who were they really and what was going on here? The Count demanded answers! The investigators eluded the questions courteously. They assured the Count they were the “good guys” but there were greater forces behind that they could not reveal at this moment. “Do you know who I am!!??” instead the Count. The investigators seemed to get away still on medium-to-good terms with the Count anyway.

03:43 Strasburg

The German police were efficient and only asked couple of questions. Turkish extremists were the culprits and only one civilian dead, Egorov.

The train continued in tranquility and speed:

06:41 Stuttgart
08:18 Ulm
09:00 Breakfast
10:21 Munich
12:46 Salzburg
17:50 Vienna Westbahnhof

The investigators noticed that Mr Myers condition had worsened and that physical disfiguration was continuing. They posted a Train guard outside his door, as well as Frank, Lord Squibb and Colonel Williams. Mr Myers had been tied down heavily as well and the door locked. Hermann continued with his studies of The Whispering Fez, and Max and John Yip guarded the artifacts in their compartment behind a locked door.

The breakfast was a slow dull experience. Aileen tried to feed Mrs Myers who was barely conscious. The Countess babbled continuously with her companion Karla Minkoff. They were joined after a while with the Count and his cousin Pytor Trubosky. Trubosky complained to the investigators that they had not alerted him earlier. “I am a sword master and could have helped. Such a waste that you let poor Egorov fall to the hands of dirty turks.” The investigators ignored him and Frank noticed a hint of lipstick on his neck.

Getting closer to Vienna the investigators contemplated sending Mrs Myers to the renowned psychiatrist Dr Sigmund Freud. They would send him a letter on arrival to secure the best interests of Mrs Myers.

Arriving at Vienna


The rain was pounding Vienna Westbahnhof. The investigators were thrilled to meet with Professor Smith’s friend and ally, Baron von Hofler. This was the station where he would enter. As they looked out the window they saw him standing there arguing with a young woman half his age. She was screaming at him and almost pulling him by the collar. He yelled back and turned around in haste, his servants following with heavy trunks of luggage. The young woman ran away seemingly crying. The Baron entered the 2nd car behind the investigators car.

Baron von Hofler

As the investigators prepared to meet with Baron von Hofler, many questions circled in their heads. Had they really defeated the enemy or what would await them in Constantinople? Was Selim Makryat aware of their arrival? The nemesis of Professor Smith… Checking his guns Frank was pleased the enemy had bitten the bullet. “Plenty more where those came from” he thought to himself and closed his eyes leaning towards the walls of the empty corridor.

To be continued…


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