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Hi and welcome to the world’s largest Horror on the Orient Express campaign. We are currently 8 players, 1 Game Keeper, and according to Google Analytics that we use to track our followers, about 300 people that regularly check in with us. Majority are from the UK, the USA and Sweden. The three Kings of roleplaying games, wouldn’t you say?


I will use this Wiki main page to guide you through some of the events and how we chose to play it. I will introduce the players and show you some pics from our sessions here in Stockholm, Sweden. You are also welcome to ask questions or leave any comments. I will also account for experience sanity as they are awarded after each scenario. This will also be given in the Adventure Log at each and every concluding post.

I will measure the number of sessions we play for each of the 19 scenarios during this long and hard campaign. Here are they as follows:

Scenario 7: Took 3 sessions to complete (Note for Note)
Scenario 6: Took 2 sessions to complete (Nocturne)
Scenario 5: Took 10 sessions to complete (Dreamland Express)
Scenario 4: Took 3 sessions to complete (Fleurs de Mal)
Scenario 3: Took 8 sessions to complete (The Blood Red Fez)
Scenario 2: Took 2 sessions to complete (The Doom Train)
Scenario 1: Took 1 session to complete (Dancers in an Evening Fog)

26 sessions total so far. We look forward to add scenario 7 soon to this list.

I will also measure the investigators experience points in terms of Sanity Points bonus:

Scenario 7: Full pot 100 % gaining 2d4+1d8 Sanity Points.
Scenario 6: Full pot 100 % gaining 1d8 + 1d6 + 1d4 Sanity points.
Scenario 5: Full pot 100 % gaining 1d6 + 2d4 Sanity points (including bonus for Karakov).
Scenario 4: Full pot 100 % gaining 1d4 Sanity points.
Scenario 3: Major victory 80 % gaining 1d10 + 1d6 + 2d4 SAN. Failed to save Mr Myers (1d4).
Scenario 2: Full pot 100 % gaining 1d6 SAN for saving Henry Stanley in the Doom Train.
Scenario 1: No SAN awarded. All investigators survived.

Enjoy your reading and make sure that your windows are shut tonight. Someone might be out there watching for you…

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Main Page

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