Horror on the Orient Express - Total Recap!

Call of Cthulhu "Keeper Deck"

Enter cards of the mythos

I am happy to inform the followers of our campaign that we are from now on using the Call of Cthulhu “Keeper Cards” that add a bit of excitement and tension to the game. These cards are divided onto four different decks that can be played out in different circumstances. They can be played immediately or at any later time during the game according to the instructions of the Game Keeper of Lore. That is I, Caligula.


The decks are:

’’Curious Characters Deck" that add NPCs to the game in different places and encounters. They can be both allies or enemies. Sometimes you cannot tell until after a while…

“The Weapons and Artifacts Deck”. Finding treasure and alien creations have never been more exciting. But be careful, do not press that red button just yet…

“The Unfortunate Events Deck”. Oh sorry, did you fumble again, said you? Pull a card and see what happens…

“The Phobia Deck”. That sanity problem again… Only one investigator in the group has developed a phobia so far. Edvard Night & Day after the scar in his face when he destroyed the blood red fezes. He got Agrophobia, fear that everybody is staring at his scarred face…

The cards will be implemented from tonight’s extra session at 21:00 CET. We play until midnight. Muahahahaha!



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