Horror on the Orient Express - Total Recap!

Next stop Dylath-Leen

Scenario 5, The Dreamlands Express - session 2

How odd” thought Ian Flannery and pulled out a flower bouquet from under his coat.
I am sure I had my revolver in the shoulder holster”. The stiletto and brass knuckles were also gone exchanged for a pen and a spoon. Professor Walter’s revolver had morphed into a make-up set. Lord Fyrom Squibb however was pleased to see that his magic artifact, a trumpet taken from the musician Leroy Turner in Chicago, was still intact. Playing it would make dead men stomp…

With the investigator’s in the banquet hall was only MacKenzie, the British government courier; Henry the Belgian conductor wearing his hideous mask; Blackjack the cute little kitten; and of course the ever eager tentacles who were cleaning the table through the windows and the floor. Noices came from the kitchen as the Dream Express porcelain and crystal was cleansed and cared for.

MacKenzie bid good night and walked off to his compartment in wagon nr 6. He looked more tired than drunk (successful Spot Hidden followed with Psychology_). “What if we kill him and then play the trumpet?” Suggested Ian Flannery well aware of the trumpet’s magic capability to restore the dead to the after life. “I won’t have that!” countered a seemingly shocked Lord Squibb. "_Murdering a member of His Majesty’s government? Heavens Flannery, get your act together!" Ian clenched his fists in his pocket thinking of a free Ireland (Ian Flannery belongs to the Irish resistance, the prequel to the IRA).

The investigators were a little bit lost about what to do. They were indeed curious on MacKenzie’s portfolio but he seemed so nice. Professor Scott was caressing little Blackjack who was now on his lap purring. “Lets roll for Occult and target cats” suggested one player (Mats). Someone succeeded, I think it was Professor Scott, and they found out several interesting facts on cats in the occult:

1) The cat is cryptic and close to things that man cannot see.
2) The Sphinx is the cat’s cousin and they speak his language. Cats are older than the Sphinx and can remember things he long forgotten.
3) Cats have nine lives and with each life they may board the Dreamland Express, hence more cats.

To delve deeper into the cats connection to the Dreamlands and the Dreamland Express they needed success with Dreamland Lore but no one succeeded unfortunately.

Ian FLannery wanted to try the music box again but this way reverting the ram and turning it backwards counter-clockwise. In Ulthar they received four train tickets but this time a note came out. “Beware of the sorcerer” it said.


Wwat? Who is this? Where do the notes come from? The investigators became somewhat disturbed. “Perhaps it is Madame Bruja” someone said and thought that her heart shaped box that she was carrying with her all the time might be some kind of phylactery shielding her soul or spirit. Lord Squibb rolled for History and defined her clothing as a mixture of different times ranging from the 1500s to the 1700s. “Perhaps she is stuck on this train going round in a loop century after century” he speculated. “The sorcerer is probably the nicest person, the one we least suspect!” concluded another player.

The train had reached the coast and they could see the sea bathing in silver as the moon lit up the surface. Soon they arrived inside Dylath-Leen and great sailing ships were anchored in the harbor waiting to load and unload their goods. It was midnight and the train would depart again at 02:00 am. They could see shadows moving about the harbor and the train station, an elephant walked slowly by idling its own business. “Lets stay in the compartment so we do not get lost in the dark” said Professor Scott and tried to get a better angle to see what was going on outside.


A thin man with pale skin and dark hair arrived at the train and greeted Henry. Succeeding with a Spot Hidden, Colonel Williams saw the man handing over a bottle to Henry who discreetly hid it under his coat. There was also a loud group of snobby people dressed for party and singing and dancing to random music accords. There were six of them, three men and three women and they had immense amounts of luggage being carried onboard by an army of Dreamland Express staff.

Almost an hour later the investigators noticed Henry whispering towards some oddly shaped figures at the far side of the train station outside. They looked like large chunks of jelly almost floating forward as a special landing was lowered to make them enter the luggage compartment. A high pitch shriek seemed to come from one of the jelly monsters answering Henry and then they disappeared aboard the train. Lord Squibb tried for Cthulhu Mythos but failed. What in heavens was going on here? The clock approached 02:00 a.m. and it was time for departure.

To be continued…



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