Horror on the Orient Express - Total Recap!

The Blood Red Fez - scenario 3

London, Sunday 7th of January 1893

The Investigators were back in London after the horrific Doom Train adventure. Perhaps it was not all bad. They had learnt a new spell, Doom Gate, and dimension travelling offers a great last resort escape.

They were now ready to leave for their continental trip, picking up the missing pieces of the Simulacrum. Tickets and train waiting at Victoria station. Hermann Müller started reading Professor Smith’s diary. The German occult author, and active NSDAP member, was a secret type not sharing all his thoughts with the group. Rumors had it he was financed and backed by SS chief Heinrich Himmler himself, an avid occultist. As Hermann started reading the diary, the group of investigators swirled in time and place. Suddenly they were back in the heart of London. But something had changed. It looked different. People looked different. They had traveled back in time and plane to London of 1893.


They had all their equipment and gear ready with them. “The diary was the key to travel to another time and place. Instead of experiencing Professor Smiths writing, we will now experience it first hand. Be ware.” Hermann checked his weapons, as did the others. Frank Patterson, tough ex London Detective; Colonel John Williams of the United States Marine Corps; and Lord Fyrom Squibb, English aristocrat. They were now seasoned investigators of the occult and the mythos.

A bell-boy came running over the street towards them. “Sires, Sires, important message for you!” It was a message from Professor Smith. Please hurry to 5 Durward Street. For God’s sake hurry and bring a gun.

“Slum area. Rough neighborhood. Be vigilant.” Said Patterson, one hand firmly resting on his revolver.


Arriving at Durward street Professor Smith granted them. “Please follow me”. They ran inside and up the stairs. But previous to enter the building, Frank Patterson noticed someone further down the block observing them, wearing something on his head…

Upstairs they saw a human male, passed out on the bed in a a dark room. Doctor of Medicine Hobbs was attending to the man. Several days of mysterious chanting and screaming had been taken place here and the landlady, a Mrs Grim was clearly upset.
The man wore a blood red fez that had grown physically stuck onto his head. The investigators tried removing the fez but a terrible nausea hit them as they touched the fez and they could hear whispers inside their heads. When studying the fez closer they also heard a humming sound from inside it and noticed unearthly hieroglyph-like signs on it that seemed to glow through the fabric.

Suddenly the young man started screaming and a ghastly wind blew out the candles, blackening the entire room. The man had turned into a vicious monster and grabbed poor Dr Hobbs and bit him ferociously in the face like a wild beast. Professor Smith managed to flee the room in panic but the investigators attacked the creature to save Dr. Hobbs.


The battle was fierce, poor light and super human strength in that vile monster was a challenge. But the Investigators defeated it and collected the blood red fez that had now fallen off the dead creature.

Professor Smith took care of the authorities and Dr. Hobbs was immediately taken to hospital disfigured for life. Smith and the investigators brought with them the mysterious fez and went to Smith’s estate. Gathered in his large living room, in front of the fire, he told them that the young man was a student Matthew Pook, sent by his friend Professor Demir of Istanbul. “We are up against a very dangerous Turkish cult. I need you to travel as fast as possible to Istanbul with this fez, hand it over to my friend and ally Professor Demir in Istanbul, and make sure it is for ever destroyed.”


The investigators agreed. The Orient Express would leave tomorrow evening, leaving some time for research. A powerful ally of Professor Smith, Baron von Hofler, will join the investigators in Vienna, continuing with them all the way to Istanbul. Baron von Hofler is not only a trusted friend and ally of Professor Smith, he is also the financier of this mission.

As the investigators got ready for night and watched out the windows, they could see a small group of men wearing fezes observing the house.


The estate was like a fort and the investigators took turns in watching over night, and the others locked inside their rooms. Professor Smith would do some further research and they agreed to meet for breakfast 9:00 am at The Oriental Club.

To be continued…


The investigators managed this challenge well. Only minor Sanity-loss and 1d6 (1) magic points for touching the fez. They destroyed the monster quickly and efficiently.

The Blood Red Fez - scenario 3

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