Horror on the Orient Express - Total Recap!

The Doom Train - Scenario 2 - part 2

The investigator's make it back!

The sight of Randolph Alexis in the midst of human remains bothered the investigators. The man was obviously a maniac. even more disturbing the remaining watch with the initials of his son, Albert Alexis. Devouring his son the ultimate step of insanity.

As the investigators parleyed the crazed senior Alexis, the zombie ghosts of the past started climbing the roof and advancing down the hallway. There were many of them and the investigators braced themselves for a fight for their lives.

Players were lucky with their Sanity rolls, making them all for only -1 for witnessing the arrival of the Doom Train in Henry Stanley’s room; -1 for watching the undead; and the mandatory 3 for getting to grip with their situation. “0” penalty for making the San-roll seeing Alexis senior train tracks.


This was certainly a race against time. The German author of the occult, and Nazi-party member, Hermann Müller, tried desperately to ignite the train track. The other three investigatirs fired at will with guns and even entered melee combat. The crazed Alexis senior laughed with eyes open wide. Did he want to die? The poor Henry Stanley shivered in the corner by the seats.

Herman Müller cracked the code and realized the 8-format track had to be elevated. As the melee battle almost turned disastrous, the Doom Train again changed dimension and the investigators could see dark, solid objects outside the window. The grey mists had vanished. Joy turned into fear as they heard the familiar sound of a train whistle coming from further ahead. Collision course.

“Quick! Hurry!” shouted a stressed Frank Patterson, still his .45 revolver in hand. “Jump out the train or we die!” Some hesitation among the players but a second full length train whistle from the meeting train convinced them. They brought Henry Stanley along with them but left Alexis senior behind. They all jumped and managed without major injury. Colonel John Williams saw Alexis senior jump out the other side of the train.

A huge collision rocked the English country side and fires were burning everywhere. Bodies of killed passengers were all over the place. Colonel Williams kept his cool. “Randolph managed to get out. We must track him down. Follow me!” Colonel Williams, Frank Pattersson and Lord Fyrom Squibb set out after him. There was a light veil of snow over the marshlands so they found him after less thaqn 20 minutes search. He was very old now, something had stolen his life energy as the train moved back to earth time. He was weak and frail.

As the authorities came for the crash later that early morning, the investigators handed over Alexis to the police and helped Stanley get back to London. This awful event was just one step to getting to the real issue. Helping their long old friend Professor Smith solve a Turkish mystery.

To be continued….

Please keep following our group as we play the world’s largest Call of Cthulhu campaign. The group consist of me Caligula and players: Christer Bermar, Mats Georgson, Henric Lau Eriksson, and Michael Padocka. More posts and updates will follow shortly.



The investigators’ were awarded 1d6 Sanity points each for safely returning Henry Stanley. Well done investigators!


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