Horror on the Orient Express - Total Recap!

The Left Arm of the Sedefkar Simulacrum

Scenario 4, Fleurs de mal - session 3

Saturday, January 26th, 1923

The morning broke and reinforcements were due. Frank Patterson, Hermann Müller, Boris Vasilijev and Edvard Natt och Dag joined from Paris. The crypts under the house could reveal difficult challenges and just to make sure the group expanded.

As they went down the 18 steps toward the iron door they could tell rust and time had done its best to attack the door. Though buckled, the door still held. The investigators tried to force it open but failed (failed hard Strength check). They borrowed a crowbar and chains from Doctor Lorien and finally the crypt was open. Cool, damp air met them…

As they progressed they noticed the twined huge roots that sprawled around them and ended in finger like appendices. Strangely enough each one with five of those. The same number as human fingers… Frank cut away the roots as they impeded movement and large thorns looked unpleasant. Doing so he gut stung for 1 hit points and the wound burnt like salt had come into it.


They progressed down the corridor and discovered prison cells with torture racks and gadgets, and several skeletons. The worst was two skeletons chained together, one wearing the rotten remains of her bridal gown, and a bench in front for someone to watch the sadist torture of them. It cost the investigators 0/1d3 Sanity points.

The investigators searched through the six prison cells but hasted onward as they noticed a strange light from the far end crypt. Fearing a major hostility in the last chamber, Frank fired 4 rounds of his Mist Projector. Certainly no one would survive that (4d10 damage). The glowing stopped and they advanced. The last chamber was full of large roses with roots and thorns much bigger than normal. At their root were many skeletons and the roots intertwined them and went through their empty eye sockets and around their necks and arms. Behind them was a piece from a statue, a left arm. It looked pale and smooth almost like china. The scene caused 1/1d4 Sanity points.


Boris used the axe again to lay a way clear through the branches. But he was stung as well and the little wound hurt surprisingly much. He grabbed for the left arm. A weird sensation went through his body and the feeling was rather unpleasant. What was that?

Mission completed and the investigators retracted and on their way back noticed a mist moving ahead of them. They tried to chase it but it went out the crypt and vanished into the thin air. Checking for Cthulhu Mythos, Hermann realized that vampires could transform and alter into a mist to hide and getaway. The plot thickening even more…

Back in the house they shared their experiences with Doctor Lorien. Apparently the Lorien family had now been relieved of their pain and troubles with their left arms. How peculiar as they still had them earlier this morning.

As morning turned into noon the investigators thanked Lorien and his family. Their trip had to continue and leave Paris for the continuation of their journey. They had collected one piece of the statue, yet five remained. And who was that Edgar Wellington from Lausanne, Switzerland who was looking for the statue as well? The train would pass Lausanne next so perhaps their was an opportunity to look him up.


To be continued…


The investigators received 1d4 Sanity points each for concluding the scenario 4. A much shorter and easier scenario than the previous one. Scenario 3 took 8 sessions to complete, the 4th scenario took only 3 sessions.

We will commence with scenario 5 on Tuesday 14 days from now. Sweet dreams in Dreamland! Muahahahaha….


We had to switch sessions with our Symbaroum campaign, but the next Call of Cthulhu session will be on Tuesday the 7th February.


Unfortunately we had to cancel last night’s session due to illness and players busy with work. The next session takes place 13 days from now.


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