Remi Vangeim

Proud Sorbonne student with connections to socialists movement


Proud student at the prestigious Sorbonne university in Paris. Dresses in suit and tie, and black solid shoes. A closer looks shows wear and tear on clothes and shoes. Proud but poor.


The investigators found out that Remi was an essay writer for the l’Humanité and that one of his friends was shot by the police in Paris during the 1923 uproars. He also expressed disdain for the bourgeoise life style, angrily refuting an invitation to the opera from the investigator Boris Vasilij. He is therefor suspected by the investigators to be part of, or have intimate connections with, the French socialist movement. A treat Hermann Müller probably would not approve of.

The atmosphere was tense in Paris in January 1923 as French and Belgian troops occupied the German Ruhr valley and violence hit the streets. French socialists protested against said occupation and shots could be heard after dusk in the streets of Paris.

Remi Vangeim

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